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Sagear Wall of Courage

Imagine … Sandra Sagear did ... "Can't never did anything. Can did it all."
The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is striving to recognize a former Plymouth-Canton Community School District graduate (5 years post graduation, pre-2001) who has overcome adversity. We are looking for Plymouth-Canton graduates who have displayed courage, perseverance, spirit, and creativity in succeeding in achieving an education, despite a physical, mental or emotional barrier when they were a student. They have also shown an appreciation for others and a commitment to their community. The recipient of this award will have their name placed on the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage. This award is named after Sandra Sagear a 1969 graduate of the original Plymouth High School who imagined and believed she could succeed as she lived everyday with Polio. QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a graduate from a school in the Plymouth-Canton Community School District. Applicant is eligible 5- years post graduation, pre-2001. If student is deceased, or has a special circumstances, the 5-year waiting period may be waived.